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This Page Dedicated to the Memory
of our Late President Patricia Dolan




Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Kew Garden Hills Library
April, 19th, 2013

Poster Showing the New Kew Gardens Hills Library

Digital Panoramic Photograph  by Jim Jaffe

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Councilman Jimmy Van Bramer

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Borough President Helen Marshall

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Tom Galante
President and Chief Executive Officer at Queens Library

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
State Senator Joseph Addabbo Jr.

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
State Senator Toy Stavisky

Pat Dolan's Dream Coming True

      Norma Stegmaier, Member of the Board KGHCA and Myself Jim Jaffe, Member of the Board KGHCA arrived at the Library site hoping against hope
that we  would not be disturbed by rain this day April 19th 2013.  Life in itself is very fragile and at time can be cut short without any notice as in the
case of Pat Dolan who's life suddenly ended as the result of an encounter with an "SUV vehicle. Pat always worked as hard as anyone could
do to ensure that we who live in Kew Gardens Hills would be able to see our library fully renovated with the state of the art equipment and computers
and additional space for books. This day would be Pat's ever lasting memorial attesting to her work and care with this "Ground Breaking Ceremony" as work will commence and the metamorphosis of a 1960's building turning into the "State of the Art" 21st Century building resulting into a modern Library.

      A few drops of rain greeted the both of us and I ran back to my car and picked up an umbrella to ward off the rain and also protect my camera as
besides being a member of KGCA's Board of Directors, I also wear the hat of KGHCA's Webmaster. Pat must have pulled a few strings up there in
"Heaven" as there weather turned to our favor and there was no rain. Every once in a while the sun would peek out and the Ground Breaking Ceremony went off without a single mishap.

      Our Borough President, Helen Marshall brought tears to a lot of us as she turned her head up towards the heavens talking to Pat up there and
hoping she was watching down below at the proceedings.. Pat was our leader, our mentor and truthfully she "Got the Job" done!! The street directly
in front of the Library has been re-named as Pat Dolan. All I can say at this point in time, "Thanks Pat! for everything and we all sure miss you

Dedication Ceremony Honoring
Patricia Dolan our Late President
The Ceremony was at Albert H. Mauro Playground at Park Drive East /73rd Terrace
Sunday April 21, 2013 at 11:00 am
The Trail was re-named to: "Pat Dolan Trail"
Nature Walk was Followed after the Re-Naming Ceremony

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
"The Sign"

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Uncovering the Sign L-R Norma Stegmaier, Michael Simanowitz, Jean Silva

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Congress Woman Grace Meng

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Queens Borough President Helen Marshall

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Comptroller John Liu

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Assemblyman Michael Simanowits

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Norma Stegmaier Sect'y FMCP Conservancy

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
State Senator Toby Stavisky

Digital Photograph by Jim Jaffe
Park Administrator Janice Melnick


      Sunday April 21, 2013 finally arrived and once again Pat Dolan smiled upon us all bright sunshine and no rain whatsoever. Borough President Helen Marshall once again spoke highly of Pat and her good work and ability to get things done.  One by one we listened to Grace Meng who by the way brought her son along with her. A most lovely boy! Michael Simanowitz told some stories about Pat and the Bird Blind and the birds! We chuckled and each of us attending the ceremony smiled thinking of Pat and  how we all appreciated her good works.

      State Senator Toby Stavisky also referred to Pat and the Bird Blind and we once again smiled when Toby told us about the Birds and how knowledgeable Pat was concerning them. Each of the visiting dignitaries in their own way celebrated Pat and her life with humorous stories as to Pat's methods of getting what she needed and we all felt her presence and truly appreciated her excellent achievements with both the Libray and the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park and the Conservancy which she formed.

      Last but not the least, Norma Stegmaier who wears many hats being a member of community board eight and a member of the Board for the Kew Gardens Hills Civic Association and the Secretary for the FMCP Conservancy. Pat Dolan was Norma's best friend in the truest sense of the word. Norma was Pat's companion and fellow Cat Owner. She spoke of the many things she knew about Pat and how she misses her at this time of her life.. In fact we all miss Pat Dolan and now when we visit the Park via the Pat Dolan Trail..Am certain Pat will look down from her place in Heaven and she too will smile..


Dedication of Memorial Plaque of Patricia Dolan Late President of

Kew Gardens Civic Association

     On Wednesday evening at the Kew Gardens Hills branch of the Queens Library system there was a dedication of a large bronze plaque memorializing the work and efforts of the late Patricia Dolan former President of the Kew Gardens Home Owners Civic Association, President of the Queens Civic Congress and the President of the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park Conservancy.

     The library was literally bursting at the seams with the amount of people who attended this ceremony. The dedication was hosted by Tom Galante, CEO of the Queens Library system. Attending were Helen Marshall, Queens Borough President along with State Senator, Toby Stavinsky, Councilman James Gennaro, Assemblyman Michael Samanowitz.  Patricia Dolan's best friend Norma Stegmaier who gave a short talk about she and Patricia and their joy of the library and the finding of "Virgin" books.

     The bronze plaque according to Tom Galante weigh about one hundred and fifty pounds and the image was rendered from a portrait photograph by Jim Jaffe, who besides being a member of the Board of Directors of KGHCA was a professional photographer and currently the webmaster of the KGHCA website. We were assured that the plaque will be in a prominent place at the new library with expectations of completion in two years. Patricia Dolan was a driving force in our community and will be sorely missed.


Digital Photo by Jim Jaffe

L-R Tom Galante, CEO Queens Library Senator, Toby Stavisky, Councilman, James Gennaro, Marie Ovide Adam, CB8
Digital Photos by Jim Jaffe

L-R Assemblyman  David Weprin, Norma Stegmaier, KGHCA,  Borough President Helen Marshall, Harold Baron, KGHCA, Richard Hellenbrecht, QCC
Digital Photos by Jim Jaffe

Assemblyman Michael Simanowitz
Digital Photos by Jim Jaffe


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